Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Nintendo is for everyone

We believe that our results are better when our teams represent our potential consumers and fans. We’re actively building a culture where employees contribute their knowledge, ideas, and perspectives so innovation and creativity thrive. We’re welcoming, approachable and respectful – we’re Nintendo. All characters welcome.

Employee Resource Groups

No one can put smiles on faces the way we can when we help each other understand different ways to look at the world. Together, our ERGs are creating an enduring legacy that is uniquely Nintendo.

B@ND: Black at Nintendo Dialogue

Striving to ensure that the conversation within the culture of Nintendo never forgets that we should bring smiles to people of color any and everywhere.


Promoting community, cultivating allyship, and celebrating the stories and experiences of LGBTQ+ employees and consumers.

Nintendo Women and Allies

Supporting and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for women through leadership, networking and professional development opportunities.


Encouraging, supporting, and advocating for the disabled community within the Nintendo family, including both customers and employees.


Creating opportunities to learn from one another, celebrate multi-cultural API perspectives, and find methods to contribute to the business.

¡Hola!: Hispanic/Latino Network

Committed to identifying opportunities and drivinge initiatives that embrace and bring awareness to the Hispanic and Latin American communities.