Life at Nintendo

Get serious about fun

Nintendo is home to tons of talented professionals and some pretty famous characters. That’s why our company culture is a celebration of both work and play, with events and activities galore.

The on-site soccer field scores big with employees.

Events and gaming competitions are held throughout the year.

A yearly game preview event gives everyone a chance to try out newly-announced games.

The company picnic is a can’t-miss summer event.

Events & Activities

Nintendo supports our local communities by sponsoring participation in fundraising events and programs. Our employees make a real difference by taking part.

Team Nintendo rides in several charity fundraising events each year, including the Tour De Cure.

Kids spent a special day at Nintendo through the Make-A-Wish program.

The annual employee golf tournament raises money for a different charity each year.

Employees and their families worked with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to prepare trees for planting.

Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Create smiles through unique entertainment experiences.

Our Values


We nurture our relationship-focused culture with compassion, sincerity, humility and honest communication. We work hard and have fun together - we are ONE Nintendo.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We offer a welcoming and inclusive environment in service to one another, our products, the diverse consumers we represent, and the communities we call home. We do all of this with kindness, empathy and respect for each other.

Curiosity & Innovation

We listen carefully and consider the perspectives of our fellow employees, players, and partners. These insights fuel our creativity and open up opportunities. We tackle unique challenges with flexibility in mind.

Pursuit of Excellence

We uphold the highest degree of integrity in all that we do. Our commitment towards excellence is foundational to our reputation. We embrace opportunities to improve our products, services, and results each day.

How we work:


The four NOA Practices are deeply engrained in the DNA of who we are as a company. Their everyday demonstration in our work helps to drive our company Mission and Values.

Set Each Other Up To Succeed

We Set Each Other Up to Succeed when we take actions within our own roles to support the work of others.

We do this by:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Partnering collaboratively
  • Sharing supportive feedback

Ask, Listen, Learn

We Ask, Listen, Learn when we actively seek out new information and perspectives in service of improving ourselves and our work.

We do this by:

  • Asking questions or conducting research
  • Listening to ensure and expand understanding
  • Learning through applying new knowledge

Find Ways Forward

We Find Ways Forward when we identify and implement solutions in the spirit of progress.

We do this by:

  • Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability
  • Practicing a solutions-oriented approach
  • Taking opportunities to innovate

Thoughtfully Deliver

We Thoughtfully Deliver when we complete our work with care and consideration for the impact it will have.

We do this by:

  • Taking ownership of our work
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the business
  • Focusing on our internal and external customers