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Whether you grew up with Nintendo games and systems or you’re just hearing about us for the first time, we’re glad you’re here.

Read on to find out where we are and how we got here.

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Redmond, WA

Nintendo of America (NOA) headquarters is located here, along with Nintendo Company Ltd. subsidiaries NST (Nintendo Software Technology Corporation) and NTD (Nintendo Technology Development Inc.)


North Bend, WA

Home to NOA’s Packaging & Distribution Center, which provides packaging and distribution of Nintendo products to consumers and retailer partners in Canada, U.S.and Latin America.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nintendo of Canada Ltd. (NOCL) has its headquarters here. NOCL is responsible for the marketing, sales, and distribution of Nintendo hardware, accessories, and first-party games in Canada.

Next Level Games, a game development studio founded in 2002, is also based here. The studio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Austin, TX

This location is home to Retro Studios, a game developer and wholly-owned subsidiary of Nintendo Company Ltd. (NCL). Founded in 1998, Retro Studios is dedicated exclusively to creating Nintendo products.


New York City, NY

Nintendo NY is Nintendo’s one and only customer facing retail store and is a flagship destination for the brand. Located in historic Rockefeller Plaza in the heart of Manhattan, the store showcases Nintendo products, hosts gaming events, and welcomes fans from around the world.

Nintendo History


Fusajiro Yamauchi began a small business manufacturing “Hanafuda” playing cards in Kyoto, Japan.
Collection of Nintendo Japanese Hanafuda playing cards with different designs.


Changed company name to Nintendo Co. Ltd. and started manufacturing games in addition to playing cards.


Created and started selling coin-operated video games using microcomputers.


Announced a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc. (NOA). Started selling the Game & Watch™ product line.
Two Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Mario Bros. handheld devices.


Developed and began distribution of the coin-operated video game, Donkey Kong™. This video game quickly became the hottest selling individual coin-operated machine in the business.
Three Donkey Kong individual coin-operated video game machines.


Merged New York subsidiary into NOA and headquartered in Redmond, WA.


Established Nintendo Entertainment Centers Ltd. in Vancouver, B.C., Canada to operate a family entertainment center.


The Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES™) launched in America and became a smash hit.
Nintendo Entertainment System Super Set original packaging, system, and two controllers.


Mario was first introduced in the Super Mario Bros. game.
8-bit Mario icon from the Super Mario Bros. Game.


The character Link made his first appearance in The Legend of Zelda game.
8-bit Link icon from the Legend of Zelda game.


Introduced Game Boy™, the first portable handheld game system. Originally bundled with the Tetris™ game, it was an instant phenomenon.
Game Boy portable handheld game system and the Tetris game in original packaging.


The 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES™) was released in the U.S.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Super Set original packaging, system, and two controllers.


The powerful pink puff known as Kirby made his debut in the Kirby’s Dream Land game.


Nintendo 64™ (N64) launched in the U.S. on Sept. 29th, along with the critically-acclaimed Super Mario 64™ game.
Nintendo 64 system original packaging, system, and two controllers.


Nintendo introduced Game Boy Color™. Pokémon™, a breakthrough game concept for Game Boy, was introduced to the world and generated a nationwide craze to “Catch ‘em All!”
Six Nintendo Game Boy Color handheld systems in variety of colors.


Launched the Game Boy™ Advance and the Nintendo GameCube™ systems. The Nintendo GameCube was the first Nintendo system to use optical discs instead of cartridges for its games.
Game Boy Advance handheld systems in white, blue, and clear colors and one Nintendo GameCube system with controller.


Launched the Nintendo DS™, an innovative, dual-screen handheld gaming system.
Nintendo 3DS handheld systems in pink, blue, and black colors. One system is open to show dual screens.


Nintendo introduced the Wii™ system and with it several advanced features. Wireless motion-sensitive controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and a host of other features made Wii the best-selling latest generation console system in the world.

Reggie Fils-Aime was appointed President and COO of NOA.
Nintendo Wii home gaming system and pair of hands using Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk Controller.


Wii also became the first system purchased by more than 10 million Americans in a single year.
Nintendo Wii home gaming systems in black and white colors with original packaging.


The Nintendo 3DS™ system also launched, letting users view and play 3D content without special 3D glasses.
Nintendo 3DS handheld systems in metallic blue, purple, red, black, and pink colors. One system is open to show dual screens.


The Wii U™ system launched with an innovative Wii U GamePad controller that offered users new ways to play together, including off-TV. This system also introduced support for amiibo™ accessories.
Nintendo Wii U system and Wii U GamePad controller.


The Splatoon game launches, introducing the squid-kids known as Inklings.
Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl characters from the Splatoon game.


Launched the first Nintendo mobile app, Miitomo™. Over 10 million users downloaded this app.


The Nintendo Switch™ system launches, along with hits including Super Mario Odyssey™ and The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild.
Nintendo Switch system in dock and Joy-Con controllers in Joy-Con Charging Grip accessory, and Link character from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.


The Nintendo Switch Lite system launched. Designed specifically for portable play, the compact system plays the library of Nintendo Switch games that work in handheld mode.
Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system launched, featuring a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio.
Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Much more to come…

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